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Leasing a Home
We take the stress out of Property Management


Owning a rental property can result in great profits, but can also bring greater stress and less time with your loved ones.  Identifying the right property manager will allow you the freedom to know that your investment is in good hands, saving you time and money.

What makes us different, you ask?

Hands-on Experience

We don’t just manage other peoples properties, but we own a number of properties ourselves. We have seen and understand the changes in today's traveler's needs and we adapt to them.

Understanding Owners and Renters

We don’t follow an antiquated property management guide, but dynamically change with the market to satisfy the needs of both our property owners and today's rental customers.



We keep up to date on the latest online rental sites and home automation for a more seamless experience. Don’t waste time learning what has changed month to month, let us bring the latest innovations to you.

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  • Why should I rent my property as a Vacation Rental?
    Vacation Rentals can be very profitable, plain and simple. The popularity of Vacation Rentals and a different rental experience has been growing for years. Renters are willing to pay a premium for unique properties and experiences. Whether you want to rent for 1 weekend of the year or year round, there are amazing opportunities. Ask us what opportunities exist in your area.
  • What can Smarter Property Management do to grow my investment property?
    Smarter Property Management started with one property in which we turned a property from a profit of $5,000 annually into one producing $45,000 after all expenses have been paid. We know how to convert properties into Vacation Rentals because we have done it from the group up. We apply the latest technologies to maximise a properties potential.
  • What services does Smarter Property Management offer?
    We can customize what services we provide for you as each property is unique. Each property will be posted on the most popular rental sites to attract the most exposure. We can provide professional photography, 360 photos, virtual tours, drone videos and more to display all the benefits of the property. We will screen and clear each tenant looking to stay at the property. We facilitate all communications with your clients including booking, personal checkin and checkout. In order to ensure your property is secure we provide scheduled housekeeping, insurance and scheduled maintenance when needed. We will make sure every aspect is handled of your investment so that you have complete piece of mind.
  • How can Smarter Property Management get people to rent my property at a premium?
    First, we know what type of properties people are looking for and are willing to pay a premium during their stay. We create a details overview of your property on the most popular vacation rental websites like VRBO, Airbnb, Flipkey, Homeaway where many people worldwide visit to select their Vacation Rental. These sites provide safe and secure transactions with serious customers looking for an amazing vacation experience. Our hands-on experience and history of renting our own properties shows how successful this investment can be.
  • Who handles the money and how do I get paid?
    Smarter Property Management does not handle any of the money from your investment rental. Each time a guest books your property, the money is deposited directly into a bank account of your choosing. As more guests book your property, more money is deposited. It's that simple.
  • What's the catch? What does Smarter Property Management charge for all of this?
    If you don't make money, then we don't make money. We have grown over time by showing our customers the value we bring and this is why they stay with us for many years. Call us today so we can understand how we can help you manage your investment.
  • I'm concerned about renters causing damage to my property? How to you handle this?
    Your property is our main concern. On each rental there is a security deposit taken along with rental insurance which protects you on both minor and major issues. The listing sites also provide host guarantees to protect your home and your items from accidental damage. In over 500 rentals, we have only had two issues, which were completely resolved by the security deposit or the renters insurance.
  • I'm interested in knowing how I can start renting my property with Smarter Property Management. How do I get started?
    Contact us today to get started. We would love to speak to you about the opportunities for your property. We will schedule a face to face visit or even speak over the phone.
  • What if I am just interested in adding Home Automation to my property?
    We can help. We have installed hundreds of Smart door locks, Monitoring Cameras, Smart Thermostats and more. Call us today to learn about the possibilities of Home Automation.


Opportunities to Rent Your Home as a Vacation Rental
Vendor Partnerships
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